Argentinean flavor, wrapped in pastry dough, and oven baked or fried to perfection

• Carne (ground beef and chilli)  
• Pollo (Chicken)  
• Espinaca (spinach)  
• Jamσn y Queso (ham and cheese)   
• Humita (corn)  
• Queso y Cebolla (cheese, onion, tomato & basil)  

Buy 10 and get 2 for Free!

Our Menu
The slim white bread sandwich that is an Argentinean passion!

• Jamσn y Queso (ham, cheese and mayo) x6  
• Pimiento (red pepper, ham & egg) x6  
• Anchoa (anchovies) x6  
• Pavo y Tomate (turkey and tomato) x6  
• Queso y Vegetales (cheese and vegetables) x6  
• Palmitos (heart of palm with Golf sauce) x6  
• Prosciutto (cheese and Italian ham) x6  
• Roquefort (blue cheese, celery and walnut) x6  
• Ternera (beef eye of round cheese and mayo) x6  
• Primavera (ham, lettuce, tomato and mayo) x6  
• Hawaiano (chicken, pineapple and mayo) x6  

Minimum Order of any: 2 x $3.00

  Created daily... just to make your mouth water!

• Tres Leches (three milks pudding)  
• Flan (with Dulce de Leche & Caramel or cream)  
• Arrollado de Dulce de Leche (Caramel roll)  
• Mango o Lemon Pie  
• Cheescake    

  Start your day with us and enjoy our delicious home baked "facturas" and fine pastries.

• Vigilantes rellenos (sweet pastry filled with quince)  
• Medialuna con Dulce de Leche
   (Argentinean croissant filled with caramel)  
• Medialuna de Jamσn y Queso
   (hot ham & cheese Argentinean croissant)  
• Small Criollitos (salted bread)  
• Criollitos Hojaldrados (puff pastry)  
• Small Caρoncitos (caramel pastry roll - small)  
• Palmeritas (sugared pastry)  
• Colaciones (caramel filled cookies)  
• Alfajores de Maicena (corn starch flour cookies)  
• Alfajores de Chocolate  
• Alfajores Santafecinos  
• Masas Secas (Viennese cookies)  
• Pastafrola (quince tart)  
• Merengues (meringue)  
• Alfajores Santafecinos (mini Rogel)  
• Milhojas (caramel layer cake)  
• Tiramisu    
• Bomba de Crema (puff pastry cream)  
• Imperial Ruso (filled meringue cake)   
  Freshly baked bread filled with fresh ingredients.

• Roast Beef  
• Jamσn y Queso  (ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion
    and mayo)  
• Milanesa (beef or chicken schnitzel w/ lettuce, tomato,
    onion, mustard and mayo)    
• Pavo (turkey, cheese, lettuce, onion and mayo)  
• Prosciutto (prosciutto ham, cheese, tomato and mayo)  
• Matambre (stuffed beef roll, lettuce, tomato and mayo)  
• Vegetariano (eggplant, lettuce, tomato, cheese and
• Lomito Argentino (steak sandwich)  
• Choripan (Argentinian sausage sandwich)  
* All sandwiches come with French fries or Salad  


• We serve coffee regular, cappuccino and espresso
• A variety of Soft Drinks
• Fruit Juices
• Mate Cocido
  Prices subject to changes without notice

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